Pueblos Mayas. In the Maya´s town


So… some days ago I was in the pueblo Maya. Un pueblo completamente Maya. The people speak Mayan there. They know Spanish but they use it only if they have to. We went with my couchsurfing superhost, Hector who is a journslist so he knows many things and he always tell me a lot about the history. Today he told me the things about the Mayan people & tribes that I wouldnt ever know.
So we went to these pueblos, we were driving like 2 hours by the road surrounded by the selva.
This is our conversation we had in the car, that I recorded and rewrited here. It explains the Mayan Culture Collapse, and from where came today´s Mayas.

We were driving.

– So… if the Mayan civilization fell down, who are these Mayans we are going to?
– There was the downfall of culture but people did not disappear. Its civilization, its big cities, its culture had made a crisis and the culture of the big cities had disappeared. People did not disappear, people left the cities and went to look for food… There was a lot of history, the theories that are not well known what happened. Some theories say that there was an era of drought that lasted fifty years! Then people from all the cities, went out to look for water and food somewhere esle.
– But it´s curious. How could it happen? This is the jungle, right? It´s always rainy here…?
– No no no, look. Right now the weather is modified by men. And was always modified by men. The Mayan culture led to having many cities, hundreds of large cities. Big cities! With half a million people living there. But those cities depended on the countryside.
And they threw the jungle. They cut the trees to seed corn. But for hundreds of thousands of hectaries. A lot of jungle. Then they cut the jungle to maintain the big cities. They needed to feed so many people! The trees were cut, that made the rain was rare, little vegetation, there was not so much humidity. It became dry. That created a crisis that affected the climate of this area.
They affected the weather until it no longer rained. Or that it rained very little. So little that they could not feed themselves. And then the cities, first they put themselves in the wars with each other. They went to war because there was no food to try to control other territories. The wars destroyed civilizations. Hunger, wars, drought…
They were fights, wars between them.
Groups of people who no longer had civilization, culture… They left the cities and went to the jungle to survive. The culture went into crisis. And it disappeared as a culture. But the people did not disappear. These Mayans are the descendants of them who left the cities. That’s why they no longer had the great culture. Then they returned to culture, but never that big.
And the Mayans respect the land, because they have spoiled it before.
That is a theory, does not mean that it is true, but that is what most believed.
The Mayans did not disappear because the UFO arrived, but this is the fantasy. There are some who believe that, but that did not happen.

– The Mayans are annunakis.
– What?
– The annunakis. Dont you know what the annunakis are?
– Nope.
– ¿Asi? It’s because that you’re not hippie enough. xd It is the cosmic rasa that colonized the earth.
– You’re so funny, Hector.
– Look here we arrived.

So we went to these pueblos, we were driving 2h in the road surrounded by the selva. I mean it was a normal road but selva en todas las partes all around.
Finally we reached Tihosuco, with this fantastic spanish architecture which had this old atmosphere. A town with history. Here the Guerra de Castas (Caste War in Yucatan) began, (the revolt of native Maya people against the Europeans, mostly Spanish), and there was a big church which was destroyed, but although some of them are catolics, they never rebuild it. So the celebrations are celebrating in the destroyed church 😉 Can you imagine this atmosphere there?
So we were going in the Tihosuco’s streets and there was fantastic spanish architecture, and it had this old atmosphere. In the pueblo there is 5 thousand persons.
We were walking and we met 2 señoras mayores, that could have like 70 years old and we asked if we could take´em a foto and they started to laugh but they let us. I think it didn´t happen to them many times that somebody wanted to takeém photo. This is the town without tourists. So one of them was speaking spanish with us but the second one knew only la lengua maya. Anyways it was hard to understand, ecause she had this very specific accent which could indicate that she hasn´t speak spanish often.

mdeAnd we were talking like a longer moment they were laughing all the time about the situation that somebody is takingém photos but they had no shyness they were very open. I asked about their dresses and they said this is not a dress this is Ipil. They do it by hand. And there are complicated patterns to saw! Every one of them make an Ipil for herself. They showed us how they do it.
We said bye and kept going and we saw an interesting like home private altar for the Virgen de Guadalupe 😉 and there was an old Maya woman hanging in a hummock so we asked if we could come closer and take a foto. So they invited us, we started to talk i sat in the hummock with the 7-years girl and she loved my dreadlock. She had never saw a dreadlock in her life. She was like „It can´t be yur hair”. I taught her how to use the camera and she asked me if i wear the contact lenses because i have blue eyes. Maybe she never saw the blue eyes before, maybe very rarely, but anyway she knew what are the contat lenses. When I was in her age I didnt know that xd


In this time Hector was talking with the others. The patron of the house was narrating him about their lives, about what they do. We realized that we were at the home of a guy who makes the wood sculptures. Mayan traditional ones!!
The people living in Mexico are very open to telling the stories, they alway want to talk with somebody.


The patrona works at the local museum. They proposed the food to us and we were invitated to visit them once more time, especially in the 26th of July, because they are going to celebrate Casta Battle anniversary. It´s gonna be a fiesta! 😀

They were curious about my native language, so I started to speak Polish to them. It was a lot of fun when they tried to repeat that 😀

It was a great great pleasure to spend with them this evening and being invitated by them to share food and some stories. It wasn´t so hard to entry to their reality, to their world for a while. It was just about getting out from the home and go.



Esta es nuestra conversación que tuvimos en el auto, que grabé y reescribí aquí. Explica el colapso de la cultura maya, y de donde vinieron los mayas de hoy.

– Entonces si los Mayas cayeron, de donde son estos Mayas a los que vamos?
– Habia el caido de la cultura pero no desaparecieron las personas. Si la civilizacion, sus ciudades grandes, su cultura habia hecho una crisis y habia desaparecido la cultura de las grandes ciudades. Las personas no desaparecieron, las personas salieron de las ciudades y se fueron a buscar alimentos… Hubo mucho la historia, las teorias que no se sabe bien que pasó. Algunas teorias dicen que hubo una epoka de sequia que duro cincuenta años. Entonces la gente de todas ciudades para tratar de buscar agua en algun lugar y comida.
– Pero esta curioso. Asi se podia pasar? Porque es la selva, no? Aqui llueve mucho siempre?
– No no no, mira. Ahora mismo el clima lo modificamos los hombres. Y siempre lo modificaron los hombres. La cultura Maya llevó a tener muchs ciudades, cientos de grandes ciudades. ¡Grandes ciudades! Con medio millon de personas viviendo alla. Pero esas ciudades dependieron del campo.
Y tumbaban la selva. Cortaban los arboles para sembrar maiz. Pero por cientos de miles de hectarias. Mucha selva. Entonces acababan con la selva para poder subsistir a las grandes ciudades. Necesitaban alimentar tanta gente! Se acababan los arboles, eso hizo que la lluvia era rara, poca vegetacion, no habia tanta humedad. Se volvió seco. Eso creó una crisis que afectó del clima. El clima de esta zona.
Afectaron el clima hasta que ya no lloviera. O que lloviera muy muy poco. Tan poco que no podian darles a comer la tierra. Y entonces las ciudades, primero se pusieron en la guerra unos con otros. Se pusieron en guerra porque no habian alimentos para tratar de controlar otros territorios. Las guerras acabaron con las civilizaciones. El hambre, las guerras, la sequia…
Fueron luchas, guerras entre ellos.
Grupos de personas que ya no tuvieron la civilizacion, la cultura… Salieron para sobrevivir. La cultura entró en crisis. Y desapareció como cultura. Pero las personas no desaparecieron. Estos Mayas son los descendientes de ellos que salieron de las ciudades. Que por eso ya no tuvieron la gran cultura. Despues volvieron a tener cultura, pero ya nunca aquella tan grande.
Y los Mayas por eso respetan la tierra, porque ya antes la hecharon a perder.
Eso es una teoria, no significa que sea verdadera, pero eso es lo que mas se cree.
Los Mayas no desaparecieron porque llegaron los platillos voladores, eso no pasó. Esa es fantasia, algunos lo dicen.

– Los Mayas seran annunakis.
– Los que?
– Se fueron los annunakis. No sabes que son los annunakis?
– No.
– A, no? Es que tu no eres suficientemete hippie. xd Es la rasa cosmica que colonizó la tierra.
– Eres tan divertido, Hector.
– Mira aqui llegamos.



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